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Chestnut honey

Chestnut honey is perfect for people who adore strong and bitter taste of honey. Bitter taste comes from a large amount of chestnut pollen which makes it a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. Because it contains less glucose, it is most suitable for diabetics. Our bees gather it on the slopes and forests of Gorjanci.

SelectReferenceNameQuantityDiscountPrice with VAT
KM1Kostanjev med 110 g110,00 g0,00 %3,83 €
KM4Kostanjev med 430 g430,00 g0,00 %8,21 €
KM9Kostanjev med 900 g900,00 g0,00 %14,24 €
KMS9Kostanjev med - STRD 900 g900,00 g0,00 %14,24 €


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Warning: Minister of Health warns: The excessive consumption of alcohol causes harm to your health.

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Čebelarstvo Ferenčak
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