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Ifigenija Simonović

writer and designer of useful objects

I do not know if I have ever been without honey in my life. As a child, still in kindergarten, we had it for lunch between two slices of bread. I remember the stickiness of the fingers that had to be licked until “done”. When I got two brothers, I remember we soaked their pacifiers in honey. When I was a student, I lived on boiled eggs and honey, so to speak. When I lived in London, I brought Slovenian honey as a gift to my friends. I have already carried it to Russia. In England, stores have shelves of honey from all over the world. I am not saying they do not have honey, but it's very expensive and they don't eat it with a spoon, but in drops. They buy it in small jars. They give it to each other like caviar or perfume.

I have been living in Slovenia again for fifteen years now and I am ready to give up many things before a jar of honey. Of course, I am not exaggerating, as I do not want to be fat and sweetened, but a spoonful of honey on morning cereals, on a cup of apple cider vinegar, in a chili jam or a few drops on a lean biscuit in the evening is all I need so I do not need to complain about the general bitterness of life.

Until recently, I named honey “honey”, I knew the sweetness, the stickiness, the amber colour, but I was not aware of the different flavours. I did not know that bees fly at different times of the year over different pastures, forests with different trees. Ferenčak beekeepers know bees, they know nature, as well as us, honey lovers. I will continue to gift my friends with honey instead of wine and I will bake with honey instead of sugar.

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Eva Kržišnik


Great products, a range of different tastes, a beautiful corporate image, which makes them a wonderful and useful holiday gift. Marko's knowledge, care and enthusiasm that provide for top ingredients and expanding the range of products are just a few reasons to keep coming back. With this year's Apivital, there is also something special for my husband, an enthusiastic athlete, so that there will be no problems with endurance over the winter :) And a nice memory or maybe an idea for those who would like to give the wedding guests something beautiful and useful - we gave them a small jar of Marko’s honey as a thank you :)


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