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Protection of personal data

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General information on personal data protection

The right to privacy is one of the most important human rights. In the company Čebelarstvo Ferenčak, we are aware of the importance of protecting personal data, so we handle your information in accordance with the rules governing the protection of personal data. As a personal data controller, Čebelarstvo Ferenčak allows individuals to be informed with any relevant information relating to their personal data.

Company Čebelarstvo Ferenčak, Cesta bratov Cerjakov 26, 8250 Brežice, tax no. SI68102917 is responsible for the protection of personal data.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak acquires personal data from individuals in writing from accession statements when they enroll associations in liaison.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak, stores and protects personal data, or publishes them on the website if it has the consent of individuals. Čebelarstvo Ferenčak undertakes not to forward, lend or sell personal data to a third party without prior notice and without obtaining your consent, without adequate suitable protective measures, and that we will process personal data only in the context of legal bases and selected purposes.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak shall not transfer or forward the collected personal data to third countries.

The person responsible for the protection of personal data

The person responsible for the protection of personal data is available at the email address: info@cebelarstvoferencak.si

What type of personal data do we collect and process?

Within the conduct of its activities, Čebelarstvo Ferenčak collects and processes the following type of personal data: name and surname, contact data (address, email address, telephone number), login information for online services (username, password), web cookies.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak keeps records of activities related to processing of personal data, in which the type of personal data and the purposes of their processing are visible.

Legal bases for the processing of personal data and purposes of processing

1. Processing of personal data for the purposes of carrying out services.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak processes the collected personal data of individuals for the purposes of carrying out their activities.

2. Processing of personal data based on the consent of the customer.

The processing of personal data may also be based on the specific consent of the individual, which allows Čebelarstvo Ferenčak to use its personal data for the purposes specified in the consent to:

  • receive general news about the activity and updates, invitations to events, education workshops.

In the event that an individual does not give consent to carry out the purposes of the processing of personal data listed above, the individual shall give partial consent or (partially) cancel it, Čebelarstvo Ferenčak will then inform such individual only in cases and in the scope of the given consent or in ways permitted by the applicable legislation.

Provision of services is not subject to the given consent. The consent shall be voluntary and, insofar as the individual decides not to give or revokes it later, it shall not, in any event, reduce the rights arising from the business relationship or for the individual, this does not present additional costs or aggravating circumstances.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak may forward data of individuals if they have given consent for the purposes specified in the consent also to other associations that have a membership in Čebelarstvo Ferenčak.

Cancellation of an individual’s consent

Consent is given for the purposes defined in the consent and shall be valid until cancellation. When an individual partially or completely cancels the consent, Čebelarstvo Ferenčak shall not use his / her data for those purposes for which the cancellation was given.

If an individual wishes to cancel the consent, one can do so by sending the cancellation to Čebelarstvo Ferenčak via the Internet at the email address info@cebelarstvoferencak.si or in writing to the address of Čebelarstvo Ferenčak. The cancellation of the consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing the personal data based on the consent prior to its cancellation.

Individuals can always »unsubscribe« from receiving individual messages from Čebelarstvo Ferenčak through the communication medium for which they received a specific message. The link to unsubscribe or the information on how to unsubscribe is in the message. The request of the individual after the cancellation will be recorded in the system and will be put in force immediately or no later than 15 days after the receipt.

Categories of personal data users

Users of personal data are members of the Management Board, authorized partners and contractual processors of Čebelarstvo Ferenčak, who are committed to respecting and protecting the personal data of individuals on the basis of labour law, contracts on the processing of personal data or the protection of confidential data. You can obtain more detailed information on the categories of users, contractual partners and contractual processors on request at info@cebelarstvoferencak.si.

Users access the data according to the assigned data access rights.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak forwards personal data also to third parties, provided that such obligation of intervention or disclosure is imposed by law (for example, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, courts, the police, etc.).

Storage of personal data

The period of storing personal data depends on the basis of processing and the purpose of processing each category of personal data. Personal data shall only be stored as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected or further processed. After the fulfilment of the purpose of processing, if there is no other legal basis or if it is necessary for the enforcement, implementation or defence of legal claims, personal data are deleted, destroyed, blocked or anonymised.

Customer rights

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak provides individuals whose personal data are processed, the possibility of exercising the following rights:

  • the right to access personal data that were collected in connection with an individual;
  • the right to rectification, meaning that Čebelarstvo Ferenčak corrects inaccurate personal data relating to an individual, without undue delay;
  • the right to the erasure of data, Čebelarstvo Ferenčak erases personal data in relation to an individual without undue delay when one of the following reasons apply: (1) personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they have been collected or otherwise processed, (2) the individual cancels the consent on the basis of which the processing is carried out and when there is no legal basis for processing, (3) the individual objects the processing, and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for their processing, (4) personal data have been processed illegally, (5) if the law so provides.
  • the right to a restriction of processing where one of the following reasons apply: (1) the individual contradicts the accuracy of data for a period that enables Čebelarstvo Ferenčak to verify the accuracy of personal data, (2) the processing is illegal and the individual opposes the erasure of personal data, and instead requires a restriction of their use, (3) Čebelarstvo Ferenčak no longer needs personal data for the purposes of processing, but the individual needs them for the enforcement, implementation or defence of legal claims, (4) the individual lodged an appeal relating to the processing of data until it is verified that the legal reasons of the controller prevail over the individual’s reasons. When the processing of personal data has been restricted in accordance with the preceding paragraph, such personal data, with the exception of their storage, shall be processed only with the consent of the individual to whom they relate or the enforcement, implementation or defence of legal claims or due to the protection of rights of other natural or legal person. Čebelarstvo Ferenčak must inform the individual before the cancellation of restriction in the processing of data.

An individual may file a request in a manner that allows their identification, that is by oral request on record at the head office of Čebelarstvo Ferenčak, written request or a request submitted via email.

The requests received shall be handled by the person responsible for data protection. Čebelarstvo Ferenčak is obliged at the request of the individual to reply without undue delay or at the latest within one month.

Čebelarstvo Ferenčak must forward the requested information to the individual for free. However, where requests from an individual are evidently unfounded or exaggerated in particular because they are repeated, Čebelarstvo Ferenčak (1) may charge a reasonable fee, taking into account administrative costs of forwarding information or messages or implementation of the requested measure or (2) may dismiss any action related to the request.

Objection in the event of an incomplete decision of the controller and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body.

If the individual considers that the personal data, which one received on the basis of the request for the enforcement of its rights from the previous paragraph of General information, are not personal data that one requested or that it has not received all requested personal data, one may lodge a reasoned objection within 15 days before submitting a complaint to Čebelarstvo Ferenčak. Čebelarstvo Ferenčak is obliged to decide about the objection within 5 working days.

Against the silence of the controller (if Čebelarstvo Ferenčak does not reply to the individual at his request for exercising rights within 1 month), the individual may lodge a complaint with the supervisory body on the grounds of silence.

A complaint is possible against the rejection response of the controller, the supervisory body is responsible for the resolution of the complaint. The individual may lodge a complaint with the controller within 15 days of the receipt of the reply from the controller.

Using the website

The use of the website is subject to special conditions, cookies. You can find them on the tab/legal-notice.


Čebelarstvo Ferenčak reserves the right to amend or supplement this General information to ensure compliance with the regulations in the field of personal data protection. The information is also available on our website.

You can obtain further information upon request with the person responsible for data protection at the email address: info@cebelarstvoferencak.si

Brežice, November 2020


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